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Dr. Klaus Schenck has been working with consultants and managers at all levels of hierarchy for over 20 years. He has a doctorate in biology as well as a degree in marketing, as well as being a certified trainer. He worked as a manager for international companies for twelve years. Since 2004 he has worked as a coach, sparring partner, consultant, trainer, instructor for consultants, university lecturer and author. In these roles he has supported individuals, teams and larger organizations, helping them target worthwhile goals and develop leadership skills. He belongs to an international network for “solution focus in organisations”, is a “Systemic Consultant” (DGSF, the German Association for Systemic Therapy, Counseling and Family Therapy) and a non-medical psychotherapy practitioner. In all these roles he has a particular love for the multi-faceted precision of language, which allows solutions for clients to be developed that precisely match their needs.

Dr. Klaus Schenck Lehrtrainer
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What I like: laughing, reading and learning; exploring diverse biograhies and stories with people; jogging in the woods any time of the year, wide horizons.

What I dislike: unnecessary hectic; not abiding by agreements; mold cheese.

My strengths: carefully carve out needs, identify and name overlooked strengths from individuals and teams, even fascilitate „difficult“ groups in an appreciative way, through lateral thinking and multi perspectives develope and perpetrate unusual ways, patience.

Feedback from clients: insightful, patience, humorous and creative; present, versed, experienced, didactcally versatile; attentive, concentrates and structures effectively when fascilitating; informativ, lively, funny, clear.

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