A leaders „action-logic“ de­ter­mines his effectiveness

When we talk about „action-logic“ we mean a specific way a person apprehends himself , others and the world around him; where he focuses his attention and interpretes it.

His level of ego-development influences his action-logic: his ability to differentiate, to guide himself or to relativise his opinion. The later his stage of ego-development the more differentiated and integrated is his view on himself and the world. Therefore the thinking process an behaviour gets more more flexible.

„The good news is that leaders who make an effort to understand their own action logic can improve their ability to lead. But to do that, it’s important first to understand what kind of leader you already are.“

25 years of research have recognized seven different types of „action-logics“ with leaders. In this article from April 2005 of the Harvard Busines Review those seven leadership types are being described.