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You have found CHANCES: Welcome to our organisation for coaching and advanced training! CHANCES uses unique measures to develop potential and foster change processes, bringing executives and organisations into sync with one another. CHANCES opens up opportunities: take yours!

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CHANCES promotes the development of people in leadership positions and organisations. This is done in a results- and process-oriented way: with a focus on fitting the level of maturity and the desired organisational design, through an unbiased perspective from someone on the outside. We ask specific questions: How well do executives and organisations “understand each other”? Which attitudes, guiding principles and patterns determine thinking and behaviour or block important processes of adjustment? And: Do tasks and remits address the core of the problem? The answers show us the real underlying issues: the “old” ways of thinking and acting that no longer work in complex situations. We challenge these old rationales and devise alternative ones. This opens up CHANCES for more flexibility and the ability to take action, personal growth, and lasting change and progress.

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Companies and their employees are forced to deal with increasingly complex requirements. CHANCES therefore focuses on the need to make thinking and behaviour in evolutionary organisations more flexible. >>

CHANCES offers intensive development coaching for managers and executives. The individual person’s complex role in the company is examined and assessed: this initiates a reflection process that enables the individual to identify and appropriately exploit opportunities where they can take action. >>

Change is the norm in organisations, and it is managers who must shape this change. A large number of managers lack the necessary skills to do this. This is where CHANCES comes in. We advise and support managers and teams in change processes, both individually and at organisational level, to achieve successful change management. >>

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Managers must continually adapt their understanding of their roles in line with how their organization is evolving. In order that organisations and their managers are as closely in step with one another as possible, CHANCES supports executives in their personal development, sensitivity to their role, and their ability to change. >>

In the FREEDOM setting provided by CHANCES, managers find the inspiration to shake off acquired set patterns of thinking and acting. The chance to discuss topics with consultants and other executives changes their attitudes and leads to new, individually realisable and effective solutions. >>

At CHANCES, we focus on the degree of maturity of the person in question within the framework of leadership development: we show the connection between leadership behaviour and ego development, and devise strategies that allow managers to perform their leadership role more effectively. >>

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CHANCES is an internationally successful consulting company that focuses on the following areas: Leadership – Coaching – Change. In this context, we provide you with specialised services and further training courses that place particular focus on the interplay between organisational structure, organisational culture and personal development. We see ourselves as “social architects”, and enable different levels to stimulate each other and take each other to a higher level. 

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Change how you think and act differently!

It is not the acquisition of knowledge that CHANCES puts at the centre of management development – it is the development of the ego. A person’s level of maturity is a decisive factor behind his or her leadership behaviour, and we establish which level managers are at using the “E-D-Profile” test.

Leadership behaviour however also depends on the extent to which relevant knowledge has been absorbed. If implementation is hindered by a problematic “inner logic”, executives quickly fall back into old patterns of thinking and acting. So we get involved here too, and help each executive in his or her growth process – through individual development exercises, examining the logic behind individual executive’s actions, and through scientific legitimation. Forty years of research work on the development of the ego provide ample evidence of how transformation processes can be shaped.

The E-D-ProfileTMis a development instrument that enables correct and scientifically valid identification of your level of personality development.


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